Andrew Beer - DBMF

In a recent episode of "Behind the Ticker," Andrew Beer, an established figure in the hedge fund and ETF industries, shares his experiences and insights with host Brad. Beer discusses his journey through the hedge fund world, where he initially worked with prominent managers and later co-founded hedge funds, ultimately focusing on making hedge fund strategies more accessible and less costly through ETFs. This led to the development of hedge fund replication strategies, helping wealth managers transition from traditional 60-40 portfolios to more diversified approaches, especially amidst changing market conditions.

Throughout the podcast, Beer delves into the challenges and strategies of asset allocation in the current financial landscape, characterized by higher interest rates and increased market volatility. He argues that while the traditional 60-40 portfolio excelled during periods of low interest rates, the changing economic environment necessitates a more dynamic approach to asset management. Beer emphasizes the importance of diversification and introduces the concept of "crisis alpha," where managed future strategies provide significant value during market downturns by not correlating directly with traditional stocks and bonds.

Beer further explains the technical aspects of his firm's managed futures ETF, DBMF, emphasizing its systematic, quantitative approach to replicating hedge fund strategies affordably. He outlines how the ETF is structured to maximize efficiency and transparency, making it an attractive option for investors seeking hedge fund-like returns without the associated costs. The conversation concludes with Beer advocating for managed futures as a necessary component of modern portfolios, providing crucial diversification that can enhance long-term investment outcomes.