Andrew Chanin - ProcureAM / UFO & FIXT

In this episode, we are joined joined by Andrew Chanin, Co-Founder and CEO of ProcureAM. They discuss Andrew's background in financial services and how he came to found Procure, focusing on their decision to build their own ETF infrastructure and unique suite of product.

Andrew provides an overview of Procure's two flagship ETFs - UFO, which offers exposure to the global space industry, and FIXT, which provides exposure to disaster recovery stocks. He explains the methodology behind the construction of each ETF's index, highlighting the diversified mix of space and disaster recovery related companies.

They delve into the investment case for the space industry, examining key innovations like reusable rockets that are bringing down launch costs and opening up opportunities. Andrew outlines the growing government and defense interest in space given its strategic importance. He also discusses where a niche thematic ETF like UFO can fit in an investment portfolio.

Overall, Andrew provides insightful perspective on bringing differentiated ETF products to market and the process behind developing focused thematic exposures. Tune in to learn more about ProcureAM's unique offerings in the evolving ETF landscape. For more information on ProcureAM visit Procureetfs.com