Bob Elliott - HFND

In a recent episode of "Behind the Ticker," Bob Elliott, founder of Unlimited and former employee at Bridgewater Associates, shares insights into his journey and the innovative approach his firm takes in the hedge fund industry. Elliott's experience at Bridgewater and overseeing a venture fund shaped his understanding of the limitations of traditional hedge fund fees, leading him to create Unlimited. The firm leverages modern machine learning to replicate hedge fund strategies at lower costs, making these strategies accessible and tax-efficient for a broader audience.

The podcast delves into Unlimited's flagship ETF, HFND, which embodies the firm's philosophy of making hedge fund returns accessible. Elliott describes the ETF's construction using a machine learning model that analyzes current hedge fund manager positions to replicate their strategies. This model ensures the ETF reflects an accurate, up-to-date representation of the hedge fund landscape. Through this innovative approach, Unlimited not only democratizes access to hedge fund strategies but also enhances transparency and tax efficiency for investors.

Elliott concludes the discussion by emphasizing the importance of including hedge fund-like strategies within diversified portfolios, suggesting a blend of such strategies can significantly enhance risk-adjusted returns. He envisions HFND as a core component of investors' alternative allocations, ideally complementing other investment strategies within a well-rounded portfolio. The conversation highlights Elliott's commitment to breaking down the barriers to sophisticated investment strategies, making them accessible to investors of all scales.