Dodd Kittsley - Davis Funds

In this episode of "Behind the Ticker," Brad Roth engages with Dodd Kittsley from Davis Funds to explore their ETFs and mutual funds. Kittsley brings a wealth of experience from his early involvement in the ETF industry in the late 1990s to his present position at Davis Funds, offering insights into the development of ETFs as tools for broadening market access.

Davis Funds, founded in 1969, has evolved from focusing on institutional clients to offering mutual funds, SMAs, and ETFs, partnering with financial advisors to address investment strategies and investor behavior. The conversation highlights two particular ETFs: the Davis Select U.S. Equity ETF (DUSA) and the Davis Select Worldwide ETF (DWLD). DUSA aims for selective investment in undervalued, durable companies with effective management and potential for sustainable growth, adopting a Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) approach. DWLD, on the other hand, offers a global investment perspective, aiming to invest in the best businesses worldwide without geographic constraints.

Kittsley emphasizes the role of deep research and a focus on long-term wealth over short-term earnings, advocating for a conviction-driven, actively managed approach. Beyond the professional insights, Kittsley shares personal interests in family activities, gardening, and sports, reflecting on the balance between personal life and professional commitments.

This episode provides a comprehensive overview of Davis Funds' investment strategies, emphasizing the importance of informed, active management. For more information about Davis Funds and their approach to investment, their websites offer detailed resources for investors looking to understand the choices available in different investment vehicles.