Jason Hsu - Rayliant

In this episode of "Behind the Ticker," host Brad Roth sits down with Jason Hsu, co-founder of Rayliant, to discuss the integration of quantitative research with institutional investment strategies. Jason shares his journey from an academic setting into the finance industry, detailing the transition and how it led to the founding of Rayliant. He explains how his firm has evolved from focusing solely on institutional clients to offering sophisticated active ETFs that make complex investment strategies accessible to a wider audience.

Jason also discusses Rayliant’s significant role in managing assets for government and sovereign wealth funds in Japan, Taiwan, and Canada. He highlights the development and strategic approach behind their Japan equity ETF, RAYJ, which aims to capture underexplored market segments through a blend of local expertise and quantitative methods. Throughout the conversation, Jason relates his personal experiences in basketball to his professional strategies, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and strategic planning in both arenas.

This episode provides listeners with detailed insights into the creation and operation of innovative financial products. It is particularly valuable for financial advisors and investors interested in understanding the application of quantitative research within the institutional investment landscape.