Matt Kaufman - Calamos/CPSM

In a recent episode of "Behind the Ticker," host Brad delves into the innovative financial products from Calamos with guest Matt Kaufman. Kaufman, with a rich background in the ETF and insurance industries, discusses his journey through various financial sectors and how these experiences have shaped the development of new ETF products at Calamos. The episode focuses on the launch of Calamos's new ETF, CPSM, which offers 100% downside protection with capped upside potential, a novel approach in the ETF space aimed at providing investors with a safety net in volatile markets.

Kaufman explains the technical aspects of CPSM, describing it as a structured product that combines options to deliver both capital protection and potential gains linked to the S&P 500 index. This ETF is particularly relevant in a rising rate environment where traditional low-risk investments like CDs and money markets become more attractive due to higher returns. Kaufman’s detailed explanation sheds light on the potential of CPSM to be a game-changer for risk-averse investors looking for equity exposure without the downside risk.

Throughout the podcast, Kaufman not only details the specific mechanics of CPSM but also discusses broader financial strategies and the future of ETFs. He envisions a significant shift of assets from traditional mutual funds to more tax-efficient and liquid ETFs, predicting growth in active ETFs. The conversation also touches on how these structured products can be incorporated into diversified investment portfolios to manage risk effectively. This episode provides deep insights into the intersection of ETF innovation and risk management, positioning Calamos at the forefront of this evolving market landscape.