Patricia Lizarraga - WCEO ETF

In this episode, host Brad Roth interviews Patricia Lizarraga, CEO of Hypatia Capital and portfolio manager for WCEO, an ETF that invests solely in women-led companies. Patricia discusses how her experience in investment banking and private equity led her to create the ETF. She also explains how Hypatia Capital started as an advisory shop serving senior women executives and the meaning behind the name.

 Hear from Patricia as she explains her strategies outperformance and process for bringing the ETF to market, including the lack of a historical database of female CEOs. She also explains why she chose to partner with established service providers rather than creating her own trust, allowing Patricia to focus on her expertise in promoting gender diversity in investment portfolios. Brad and Patricia close out with the challenges of distributing a new ETF, including getting listed on major distribution platforms and marketing strategies. To learn more about Patricia and her mission, please visit https://wceoetf.com/.