Steve Cook - Harbor Funds

Episode 23 of Behind the Ticker features guest Steve Cook, Head of ETFs at Harbor Capital Advisors. Join us as we discuss Harbor's suite of ETF products and the commodity ETF Hedger (ticker: HGER).

In this episode, Steve provides background on his experience in the ETF industry and Harbor Capital's evolution into the ETF space. He discusses Harbor's manager vetting process and bringing unique active strategies to the ETF wrapper.

Steve then dives into the motivation behind launching HGER, explaining how it differs from other commodity ETFs by providing dynamic exposure across 24 commodities based on an active rules-based index. He talks about the current commodity allocations and how the index rebalances based on economic conditions.

Additional topics include:

  • Why Harbor moved its ETFs to the NYSE floor and the benefits seen from human liquidity providers

  • Positioning HGER in a portfolio to hedge inflation and add non-correlated assets

  • Reaching key AUM milestones and getting advisor distribution

  • Harbor's lineup of equity and international ETFs also worth a look

Learn more as Steve shares his insights on bringing differentiated active ETFs to market and finding product-market fit. to learn more about Steve and Harbor Capital visit https://www.harborcapital.com/