Todd Rosenbluth - VettaFi / Exchange ETF

In this conversation, Brad interviews Todd Rosenbluth, an industry veteran and current member of VettaFi. They discuss Todd's background, VettaFi's business, and the upcoming Exchange conference. Todd shares his insights on the future of the ETF industry and offers advice for new ETF issuers. The conversation highlights the collaborative nature of the ETF community and emphasizes the importance of ongoing engagement and communication. Todd provides information on where to learn more about VettaFi and access his research.


  • VettaFi is an ETF services company that aims to educate financial advisors and provide them with content, webcasts, and data to help them make informed investment decisions.

  • The Exchange conference, organized by VettaFi, brings together industry experts, asset managers, and financial advisors to share ideas, discuss trends, and provide training and education.

  • The future of the ETF industry is expected to see continued growth in actively managed ETFs, conversions of separately managed accounts (SMAs) into ETFs, and a focus on education and collaboration within the community.

  • To make the most of the Exchange conference, financial advisors are encouraged to review the agenda, attend sessions that align with their interests, and take advantage of networking opportunities.

  • The ETF community fosters collaboration and a sense of community, with industry participants willing to help and support each other.

  • New ETF issuers should engage with platforms like VettaFi to get their word out and stay in front of industry experts and writers who can help promote their products.

  • To learn more about VettaFi and access Todd Rosenbluth's research, visit the VettaFi and ETF Trends websites, as well as connect with Todd on LinkedIn.