Tommy Mancuso - The BAD ETF

The Behind the Ticker podcast premiere episode features a dynamic conversation between host Brad Roth, and Tommy Mancuso, founder of the BAD ETF. In episode one, Mancuso discusses the challenges of launching a unique investment product that appeals to investors seeking counterculture opportunities while providing long-term sustainable growth, including how he came up with the idea for BAD ETF (Betting, Alcohol, and Drugs).

Hear from Mancuso as he discusses his anti-ESG ETF, which he believes focuses on making money rather than social stigmas. He argues that ESG scores lack transparency and could be manipulated, leading to biased investment decisions. Mancuso believes his ETF could be valuable in a recession-proof portfolio, with industries like alcohol and tobacco offering stability. Tune in for a behind the scenes look into why Mancuso launched The Bad Investment Company and the challenges of being a single ETF issuer. To learn more about Bad ETF, please visit https://badinvestmentco.com/