Weldon Rice - QRAFT Ai

In the episode of "Behind the Ticker," Brad Roth and Weldon Rice from Qraft Technologies discuss the integration of artificial intelligence within the investment landscape, particularly through Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). This conversation provides a detailed look at how Qraft applies AI to develop and manage ETFs, offering insights into the practical implications and methodologies behind AI-driven investment strategies.

Weldon Rice introduces two specific ETFs during the discussion: the QRFT and the AMOM. The QRFT ETF is designed to leverage AI in managing a portfolio of U.S. large-cap stocks, aiming for a balance between diversification and performance by analyzing large datasets to identify market trends and inefficiencies. The ETF maintains a portfolio of roughly 300 to 320 stocks and is adjusted monthly based on AI's analysis.

The AMOM ETF, in contrast, focuses on capturing momentum within the U.S. large-cap space, holding a more concentrated portfolio of around 50 stocks. This ETF seeks to dynamically adjust to market conditions, emphasizing stocks or sectors displaying strong momentum. It's described as having a more focused investment strategy, with potential for higher volatility given its concentration and rebalancing approach.

Rice emphasizes the role of AI as a tool to complement, rather than replace, human decision-making in the investment process. The discussion highlights how AI can enhance traditional investment strategies by providing deeper insights into market data and trends, thus aiding in portfolio construction and risk management.