THOR Financial Technologies and ETF Action Integration Provides Dynamic Portfolios to RIAs

Greensburg, PA, December 8, 2021 - THOR Financial Technologies (“THOR”) today announced an integration with ETF Action, an independent technology and research firm focused on helping advisors build better portfolios and navigate the ETF landscape and RIA model marketplace. THOR’s intelligence is now embedded into ETF Action’s dashboard, enabling financial advisors to differentiate themselves with technology driven investment portfolios.

With the click of a button in the ETF Action dashboard, financial advisors have the ability to see how THOR instantly makes a portfolio dynamic; providing the autonomy to choose their own investments while creating technology driven models that improve risk adjusted returns over time. This is all done seamlessly inside of ETF Action, where ancillary benefits include workflow automation, custom integrations and a simplified process of managing models.

“ETF action makes monitoring and combining models easy and seamless while delivering a depth of data most advisors never get to see using other platforms,” said Brad Roth, founder and CIO at THOR Financial Technologies. “Risk management is the DNA of what we do; our models rely heavily on automated risk management systems to avoid significant capital drawdown. The end product here is a game changer for advisors where we’re able to effectively display our portfolios with accuracy and transparency, reducing the overall volatility and downside capture that traditional diversification techniques fail to deliver.”

THOR serves as the portfolio intelligence inside for financial advisors by utilizing a mix of non-traditional sciences to make investment decisions, relying on automated decision making to deploy investments quickly and without bias. With THOR’s technology stack fully integrated into ETF Action’s client-facing dashboard, it analyzes trading opportunities around the clock for advisors that request access to the overlay.

“At the onset of the year we set out to execute on our vision of a comprehensive investment experience for our growing community of financial professionals,” commented Mike Akins, CEO and founding partner of ETF Action. “We continue to make major enhancements to our platform and in our integration with THOR it accelerates our vision by providing a unique investment algorithm that creates more engaging, transparent and actionable portfolios. We’re excited to work together and deliver innovative investment solutions to the growing number of RIAs building their own models.”

Asset management platforms such as UX Wealth Partners receive the benefits of this integration as well via a turnkey solution for advisors that includes trading, billing, model management and reporting through a fully modernized client interface. “The early feedback from our RIA customers has been fantastic. THOR fits seamlessly into ETF Action’s marketplace and brings a visualization aspect that’s been in demand,” added Kyle Wiggs, founder and CEO at UX Wealth Partners. “THOR’s ability to analyze and interpret mass amounts of data gives our customers the insight needed to grow their businesses and create the best strategies to manage portfolios.”

About THOR Financial Technologies

THOR Financial Technologies, LLC provides solutions that enables advisors to deploy their client portfolios in a more intelligent way with a main focus on managing risk. THOR supports forward-thinking advisors who believe cutting edge research is essential in providing their clients differentiated and productive investment advice. To learn more, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About ETF Action

ETF Action is a financial technology and research company offering institutional-level data, industry leading tools, actionable insights, and engaging model portfolios designed to empower investment professionals. With its core premise of viewing Markets Through The Lens of ETFs™, ETF Action harnesses the extraordinary growth and unparalleled transparency of ETFs to democratize market research via its user-friendly service-as-a-software (SaaS) platform.

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