THOR Introduces New Lineup of Model Portfolios to CircleBlack’s Model Marketplace

Greensburg, PA, August 22, 2022THOR Financial Technologies (“THOR”) today announced the addition of a new roster of model portfolios available on CircleBlack’s Model Marketplace. The latest models consist of a number of strategies for financial advisors to deliver low volatility returns over a full market cycle to clients.

CircleBlack’s Model Marketplace enables advisors to review and filter THOR’s investment models to easily select the right strategy for clients, including ETF and Fixed income tailored to individual risk tolerances. THOR’s newly added models use the firm’s proprietary technology to de-risk portfolios and reduce market drawdowns to generate alpha. THOR’s model line-up includes their flagship Low Volatility Sector Strategy, All Asset Strategies, Global ETF, Diversified Bond, and ESG strategies.

“With a number of advisors broadening services beyond wealth management, we’re seeing an increased adoption of model portfolios to scale businesses with outsourced investment management experts,” said Brad Roth, founder and CIO at THOR Financial Technologies. “While most investment managers are making tactical moves based on tired trends, quantitative services, or doing nothing at all in the face of economic shifts, the advisors using our models on CircleBlack’s Marketplace are finding opportunities throughout markets with our data, analytics and AI-driven investment engine.”

THOR’s technology provides investment advisors with model portfolio allocation suggestions and weightings, serving as the portfolio intelligence inside by utilizing a mix of non-traditional sciences to make investment decisions, relying on automated decision making to deploy investments quickly and without bias.

“THOR has been a great partner and the advisors using our Model Marketplace find tremendous value in their investment models,” added Lincoln Ross, president and CEO at CircleBlack. “We’re excited about these latest models to be added and look forward to seeing what future strategies THOR develops for advisors on our platform.”

About THOR Financial Technologies

THOR Financial Technologies, LLC provides solutions that enables advisors to deploy their client portfolios in a more intelligent way with a main focus on managing risk. THOR supports forward-thinking advisors who believe cutting edge research is essential in providing their clients differentiated and productive investment advice. To learn more, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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